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Welcome to Acts of Light

You will find all that your church needs in order to add professional drama productions to your church services within the pages of this website.  You will find plenty of One-Act Plays, Skits, Sermon Starters, Monologues, Mystery Dinner Games, and Full-Length Productions which have been developed to enhance the worship experience of the members of your church.  The One-Act Plays have been written to allow any age group of your church to perform before any age group of your church.  The youth can perform the plays within their own meetings or during a Sunday service.  The young adult group could perform the plays for the youth or during a Sunday service.  Or the two groups could get together and collaborate on a production.

The One-Act Plays have been written for small casts so that any size church can use the materials.  Some of the plays are short enough so that you can put two or three of them back to back to fill an evening service.  There are plays which are written in a series and plays that stand on their own.  Any of these plays can be used as a sermon starter or sermon enhancers to bring new life and insight to the teachings of God's Written Word.

All of the dramatic resources are based upon biblical concepts and are written in a way which will draw the audience into the production, enabling them to graft more from a biblical story that they may be well versed in.  Most of the plays involve humor to break down their emotional walls and open them up to the message that the play conveys.

The site also contains other resources that can be used with the youth and adults within your congregation.  Check out the Mystery Dinner Games and the Bible Trivia Games.

Copyright 2015
James E. Bogoniewski, Jr.
These resources are published here for your use. 
You can read them, download them, and use them within your group or ministry. 
I only ask that you donate to the Acts of Light ministry to cover our expenses. 

The recommended donation is $5 for each one-act play you use. 
Total cost of $25 per production.
The recommended donation for Christmas and Easter productions is $25 per performance.
The recommended donation for Mystery Dinner Games is $25 per game.

Simply pick the DONATE button below to donate.