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Mystery Dinner Games
The Great Cookie Caper
$Missing Millions$
A Feast For A King
Mystery At Windfall Lodge

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PJs Blog

Guinea Mission Trip
Preparing for Guinea
Trusting in the Lord
Asking Tough Questions
A Dad Who Loves His Daughters
Lasting Ministry
A Long Way From Home
Traveling Africa Style
Meeting Pastor Joel
Communication Without Being Able to Communicate
The Experience That Changed Me

Deeper Living
How to Read and Study the Bible
Teach Us To Number Our Days

Lord, What Have You Prepared For Us?

Using Circles of Influence to Live Missionaly
Missional Living is the Only Way to Live
The Message Nobody Wants to Hear
How to Respond to Human Tragedy
The Paradox of the Persecuted Church
Just Playing My Part
The Importance of Education
Life is Really All About Jesus
Let's Hunger and Thirst to be Mature Disciples of Jesus Christ
Developing a Biblical Worldview
Looking For The Right To Edit Scripture
Thursday Evening or Sunday Morning?
Holy Spirit Rain Down On Us
It's a Bumpy Road
The Best Listening Prayer I've Ever Experienced
Open Doors For Those Who Need To Know Christ

What Kind of a Leader Does America Need?
A New Year's Greeting From A.B. Simpson
Holy Week

Thursday Night Into Friday Morning

The Alliance Church of Cheektowaga Planting Journey
The Story of our Journey
Why Plant Another Church?
Partner with the Bogos - Update Letter August 2016
Partner with the Bogos - Update Letter March 2017
Partner with the Bogos - Update Letter June 2017
Partner with the Bogos - Update Letter November 2017
Partner with the Bogos - Update Letter December 2017

11 Ways to Partner with the Bogos

Those who are interested in being part of the Alliance Church of Cheektowaga began meeting together on Sunday nights starting January 1, 2017. We're meeting for a time of Bible study, prayer, and leadership training. Pick HERE to view the leadership sessions.

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