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  A Feast For A King

The Story

Fifteen years ago King Regibald, the crowned King of Helston, died in battle.  He left no known living heirs so it was believed that he made a proclamation just before he died that placed King George the First on the throne.  From that day forward King George the First ruled the Kingdom of Helston.

King George the First immediately appointed others into position of power and leadership.  Although those appointments were questioned by the peasants of the kingdom at the time they were made, they were not contested by any members of aristocracy and the positions were immediately filled with King George the Firstís friends.

It is widely known that King George the First enjoys feasting around a full table each and every night.  In fact, rumor has it that King George the First has yet to eat an evening feast where the table has not been full.  Tonight each of you has been invited to dine with the king, to fill his banquet table at his evening feast, to be his guest for an evening, and to enjoy the entertainment fit for a king, just as others have each and every evening that King George the First has been in power.

But tonight there is something different about the evening feast.

Earlier today King George the First heard rumors that there were those within the castle who had come with plans to contest the throne.  He called his two best royal magistrates to his aid, shared with them his dilemma, and under their advice, has called together each who are suspected of planning to contest the throne.  Tonight he will put an end to the rumors and cause the culprit to put his claims to the test.  Tonight he will host A Feast For A King, for tonight the true King of Helston will be revealed.

The Players

This game is for between 15 - 22 players.

King George the First - King of Helston
was placed on the throne of Helston 15 years ago when King Regibald died.  He has reigned firmly and justly.  He has tried to be a kind king to those who were willing to pull their weight.  That might all be coming down like a house of cards, though.

Queen Marionette - Queen of Helston has reigned beside her husband for these past 15 years. Some think she has no right to sit on the throne.

Sir John of Truth - A Royal Knight is a loyal subject to the King of Helston.  His job is to protect the king against those who would oppose the throne.

Rachel - Lady of Acton is married to Sir John of Truth.  She spends her life looking after the children who also live in the castle.  It's her job to educate them in the ways of the world and in the ways of the Lord.

Grayson - Lord of Coventry is a powerful lord and landowner in the kingdom of Helston.  He isn't afraid to use his power and influence to get things done his way.  People might not like him, but he sure knows how to get the job done!

Abigal - Lady of Coventry is Lord Grayson's wife.  She completely agrees with his hard-handed philosophy.  Yeah, she doesn't have many friends, either.

Halstead - Lord of Canterbury is a powerful lord and landowner who believes that people who live on his land and work his land should share in the spoils of their labor.  He and Grayson are not friends.

Heather - Lady of Canterbury as Halstead's wife, she fully embraces the manner in which he treats those who live on their land.  In fact, she is often seen out among their people, helping the poor and downtrodden.

Braxton - Head of the Royal Army is as strong and bold as his name suggests.  He believes that the strength of a land is found in the strength of its army.  He's someone that no one wants to mess with.

Ebba - Wife of the Head of the Royal Army is a woman who is torn between two worlds.  She lives with the wealthy and powerful, but has a desire to help those who are oppressed and downtrodden.  Don't tell her husband.

Pug and Yetta - Owners and Operators of the Local Pub do everything required to feed and water the occupants of Halstead - including giving them a room to stay in when they're traveling to the castle.  It's a lot of work and they don't get any days off!

Alistair - The Black Knight used to be King Regibald's most trusted advisor, but that all changed when King George took the throne.  Is he a black night because he's evil - or just because he opposes the current King of Helston?

Belinda - The Wench is Alistair's servant.  She never intended to become an enemy of the king, but she was forced to become one when she was cast out of the kingdom.  Somehow she stumbled upon Alistair and the two found a mission they could agree upon.

Smedley - The Royal Blacksmith is a simple man who works with his hands to create the ironworks required throughout the castle.  He loves what he does and the reputation of his good work keep him very, very busy.

Rae - The Royal Baker spends her days baking for the king and those in his court.

Fletcher and Darby are two peasants who were visiting the castle the day the big hoopla occurred.  They got swept up into the mystery even though they want nothing more than to go home and check on their ailing mother.

Fisk and Fester - The Royal Jesters are one of the big reasons people enjoy dining with the king.  Their act is often the talk of the town.

Lords Fenwick and Garfield - Royal Magistrates of Helston are given the responsibility of hearing the arguments of those wishing to contest the throne and to then determine who the true King and/or Queen of Helston should be.

The Cost
The price for this Mystery Dinner Game is $25.  See payment details below. 

Select the file names below to read, print, or download it.  The Control file contains all of the directions you need to play the game. 

A Feast For A King Player Booklet

A Feast For A King Player Profiles

A Feast For A King Control File


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