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  The Missing Millions

The Story

An official United States department of Treasury airplane was transporting approximately 100 Million dollars of newly printed currency from the mint in Dallas, Texas, to an undisclosed location near New York City when the cargo bay door became dislodged and two bags containing what was believed to be over 10 million dollars of United States currency fell out of the plane. Neither of the pilots, nor the security guard, suspected a thing. The money loss wasn’t discovered until the money was being transferred from the plane into an armored security truck at the airport. The broken cargo bay door was discovered and was initially blamed for the loss of money. It was impossible for them to determine where along the 1,400 mile flight path the money had left the cargo door of the plane. The flight path was too great for the FBI to actively investigate the lost money. They left the investigation up to the local jurisdictions and waited to hear news of some development. The money remained missing for almost seven years before a tip was called into the FBI. Because the FBI had less than one day to find the money they raced into the town and began to take potential suspects into custody without asking questions. Agent Smith and Agent Wesson, both special agents with the FBI, were given the case. They immediately ordered that all of the suspects be transported to the closest district attorney’s office where they were led into a conference room for interrogation. They were told that no one is to leave the conference room until the money is discovered.

The Players

This game is for between 12 - 21 players.

Agents Smith and Wesson
work for the FBI  They will be leading the investigation to see if they can find out who in the town of Overland ended up with the money.

Elmer & Delia Dudd are simple dairy farmers who have lived in Overland their entire lives.  They enjoy the simple life on the farm.

Sheriff Larsonie is the local law enforcement.  He runs the town pretty much on his own, although there isn't much happening on most days.  Sometimes he sets up a "speed trap" as an excuse of getting a bit of rest eye before the end of his shift.

Penny Larsonie has lived in Overland her entire life, but would love to live in a big city.  Hopefully her husband will get a promotion sometime soon!

Bob - of Bob's Pizza - Yeah, Bob owns and operates the pizza joint in town.  Not only does he make great pizza, but he's a great guy too!

Rex Porter is a news anchor from a National News syndicate that is located in New York City.  Why is he all mixed up in this?  That's a question he's asking as well.

Beth Anker works with Rex.  The two of them are rarely seen apart from each other.

Red and Jenny Farmer is a farmer who sells the spoils of his work in a roadside fruit and vegetable stand.  He lets his wife care for most of the customer interaction.  Red would rather spend time with his tractor.

Mr. & Mrs. Hooper are the owners and operators of the mom and pop grocery store in town.  They've invested all of their lives into their store.  it's their pride and joy.

Art Mobile owns and operates the only car repair shop for miles around.  He'll stop his work to have a chat with you anytime!  But be careful shaking his hands.  They're usually covered in grease.

Autumn Southwood is the English teacher at the local high school.  She is one of the most educated, refined people in Overland.  Some would say that she doesn't fit in, but she blends right in most of the time.

Pastor Solomon is the pastor of the only church in town.  Most of the people in town attend his church, even if they're not very religious.

Prudence Solomon is the pastor's wife.  She knows everyone in town and will give you an earful on most of them if you just ask her.

Max Silverman is the local entrepreneur, opening the video shop in town, among other ventures.

Dr. and Ida Benagoner are the only medical professionals for miles around.  From time to time they are called upon to help out a pet or a cow in need as well.

Betty Doe is the only teller at the only bank in the little town of Overland.  She sees everything that goes in and out of the bank - except what comes through the ATM.

The Cost
The price for this Mystery Dinner Game is $25.  See payment details below. 

Select the file names below to read, print, or download it.  The Control file contains all of the directions you need to play the game. 

The Missing Millions Mystery Player Booklet

The Missing Millions Mystery Player Profiles

The Missing Millions Mystery Control File


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