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Some Basic Information
The resources that are listed on this website are intended to be used by Churches, Christian Schools, Youth Groups, or any other group interested in performing Christian drama and participating in family-oriented games. All of the resources available through Acts of Light are biblically based. They have been created to provide professional, entertaining, high-impact drama and youth materials for your church. These materials can be used to entertain, encourage, and instruct the Christians in your congregation as well as bring those who are non-Christians to the knowledge of their need of the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

All of the information on this site is available for you to view and download.  All of the resources that are available through Acts of Light are competitively priced with what you would pay for these same products in other places.

Most of these plays were written to be performed for the church I pastor and ministries that I work with.  They have proven to be effective at communicating biblical principles through these ministries and I trust they will effectively communicate those principles in your ministry as well.

I trust the Lord will bless your use of these resources within your church.

In the Power of His Blood,
Pastor James E. Bogoniewski, Jr. (PJ)

PJ worked as a draftsman, writer, editor, and desktop publisher before entering full-time ministry with the Christian and Missionary Alliance as a second career in 2002.

Copyright 2015
James E. Bogoniewski, Jr.
These resources are published here for your use. 
You can read them, download them, and use them within your group or ministry. 
I only ask that you donate to the Acts of Light ministry to cover our expenses. 

The recommended donation is $5 for each one-act play you use. 
Total cost of $25 per production.
The recommended donation for Christmas and Easter productions is $25 per performance.
The recommended donation for Mystery Dinner Games is $25 per game.

Simply pick the DONATE button below to donate.