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  The Missing Millions

The Story

Years of devoted experimentation by one of the worldís greatest inventors has finally yielded a gold mine.  The most incredible invention that the world has ever known was just invented a few days ago.  No, itís not a new airplane, nor is it a computer; itís not a beauty product, but a cookie.  Thatís right, a cookie.  But this is no ordinary cookie.  This is the most incredible breakthrough in cookie technology since a baker accidentally spilled bits of chocolate into his batch of cookies, creating what the world would come to know as chocolate chip cookies. 

A man named Professor Keebler has created a cookie using only the finest all natural ingredients.  This cookie is very delicious and absolutely free of fat and cholesterol.  But the best part of this incredible invention is that each cookie contains only 10 calories.  Its impact on the diet trends of the world will be revolutionary, not to mention that its creation may lead to the development of other similar snack products. 

These cookies are literally worth billions of dollars to their owner. 

There is only one problem.  The only recipe in existence resides in the mind of the creator, Professor Keebler, who is now suffering from a severe case of amnesia.  His amnesia was the direct result of being hit on the head while he was being robbed.  Before he was robbed he only had enough time to make a single batch of one dozen of these amazing cookies, but they were taken during the robbery that caused his amnesia. 

This single batch of cookies must be found.  If Professor Keebler is unable to remember the recipe then the experts at Professor Keeblerís lab need to have a sample to analyze in order to replicate the revolutionary recipe.  Without that recipe, the greatest cookie invention of all time will be for nothing.  The doctors diagnoses of Professor Keeblerís amnesia is not good.  They say that he may never remember the events of that night, and who is to say that he could possibly replicate the steps taken in developing this awesome cookie. 

It has long been known that there was to be a national cookie convention tonight.  It is rumored that everyone who had any kind of a connection with the Professor, no matter how minute, will be at that convention.  The authorities have interrupted the events of the convention and have gathered together anyone who could have come into contact with the batch of cookies.  The authorities are hoping that the cookies will be located, seized, and returned to their rightful owner at some point before the end of the cookie convention. 

The Players

This game is for between 10 - 14 players.

Professor Keebler
is the man who invented these amazing cookies.  Sadly, he is still suffering amnesia and can't remember much of anything.

Smith and Wesson
own and operate their own detective agency.  Keebler hired them to find his missing cookies.

Mrs. Bumble is Smith and Wesson's secretarial assistant.  Her name tells you everything you need to know about her.

Kris E. Verett is a professional tennis player who somehow got all mixed up in this.  What does a tennis player have to do with an amazing cookie invention?

Coach Van O'Sport is Kris' coach.  He too plays an important role in the theft of these cookies.  He might be a great tennis coach, but he also is a great judge of character when it comes to anything with chocolate chips!

Chip A. Hoy is a very successful representative of a nationally known cookie company.  He would love to get his hands on a cookie that is as amazing as the one that Keebler invented.  Maybe he'd even name it after himself!

Jack O. Reo works for a large cookie company who currently has one mission: get his hands on the recipe of Keebler's cookies.  Is that what he's actually done or is he still on the hunt for these amazing cookies?

Truly Sweet comes from a long line of food inventors.  In fact, her father invented a soda that very popular today.  Soda isn't the only sweet thing that she's interested in.  Her name might be sweet, but not everyone thinks she truly is.

Chamile Leon works hand in hand with another cookie company representative, but there's a lot more to Chamile than meets the eye.  Friends of hers always say that she appears to be up to something mischievous.

Misty Fields is just a sweet, old-home kind of girl.  She's just glad to be working as a sales rep for a nationally renown cookie company.  It's the culmination of many years of study and hard work.  Will she take a big pay off if one comes her way, or is she too honest for something like that?

Graham K. Raker is what is known as a "mover and shaker" in the cookie industry.  If he can't score a deal with you, then nobody can!  Maybe he's going to score the deal of the century with the new cookies - or maybe he's going to execute the theft of the century. 

E. L. Fudge is the founder of the Crumby Cookie Company.  Little did he know that his moniker would turn out to be more than just a name - nobody likes his cookies.  This might be a good time for him to make a switch.

The Cost
The price for this Mystery Dinner Game is $25.  See payment details below. 

Select the file names below to read, print, or download it.  The Control file contains all of the directions you need to play the game. 

The Great Cookie Caper Player Booklet

The Great Cookie Caper Player Profiles

The Great Cookie Caper Control File


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