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Easter Plays

Select the play name to read, print, or download it.  See the bottom of the page for pricing information.

Another New Birth - Radio Version
10-20 Actors
45-60 minutes (depending on the music used)

This play tells the story of the rebirth of a couple’s faith during the Easter season.  May the Lord use this story to give many a new faith in Him during the season we celebrate the birth of His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The couple that experienced a New Birth at Christmas are instrumental in helping another couple find the hope and healing that only comes through surrender to Jesus Christ.

This play is themed as an old-school radio drama.  Actors stand on the stage and read from their scripts as they perform into the microphone.  A good pianist or organist will help to develop the old-school radio transitional and theme music.

This old-school radio version is an audience favorite!  The Christmas version of this play was so popular that I wrote an Easter version as well.  The order works best if you begin with the Christmas drama and follow up with the Easter version.

Is He the Son of God?
8 Actors
40 Minutes

This play tells the story of a Roman Soldier who struggles over the part he played in the crucifixion of Christ.  He decides to speak with those who knew Him best in an effort to come to a personal conclusion regarding the claims that Christ made while He was here on earth.

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James E. Bogoniewski, Jr.
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You can read them, download them, and use them within your group or ministry. 
I only ask that you donate to the Acts of Light ministry to cover our expenses. 

The recommended donation is $5 for each one-act play you use. 
Total cost of $25 per production.
The recommended donation for Christmas and Easter productions is $25 per performance.
The recommended donation for Mystery Dinner Games is $25 per game.

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