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  11 Ways to Partner With the Bogos

We are following and adapted church planting model derived from the Greenhouse Church Planting model designed by the Alliance.  This model involves recruiting a core leadership team, train that team, and then to recruit a launch team - people who are willing to be part of the new church for a year.

Here are 10 ways the Alliance recommends people partner with us as we strive to plant this new Alliance church.  We've added an 11th way that you can support us at the end of the list.

Thank you for prayerfully considering supporting what the Lord is doing in this new Alliance church in Cheektowaga!

1. Pray for a planter and his team.  We're developing a prayer team list.  Email PJ at - or find him on Facebook - to be added to the list.

2. Treat a planting couple to dinner.  Planting is difficult and lonely work.  The simple act of a gift like this can encourage a planting couple.

3. Invite a planter to share his vision with your church.  Leaders can consider this as a great way to encourage church planters and cast vision to your own church in the process.

4. Give a church plant a one-time gift.  A new church always has material needs such as office supplies, audio/visual equipment, and children's ministry items.  Contact PJ for a list of our current needs.

5. Hold a "baby shower" for a church plant.  Give them gifts for their startup.  PJ can put together a registry list of our current needs.

6. Loan your facility to a church plant.  Right now we're all set with our facility needs, but we're not sure what our future needs will be!

7. Financially support a plant for a year or more.  Salaries are rarely stable in church planting.  Sacrificial and generous giving from churches and individuals, beyond their regular offerings, is a gesture of Christian unity.

8. Consider serving for a season.  We're looking for about 100 people to serve as our launch team - asking them to give us 1 year to get the new plant up and running before they return to their original churches.

9. Partner with other churches to plant a new church.  We currently have 14 churches that are partnering with us, but we can always use more on our partnering team.  We're expecting that this church planting process will become an example for other church leaders who strive to plant new churches as well.

10. Develop a deploy a planter and team from your church.  Take a faith-filled risk and hire a church planter on your church staff with the intention of planting a new church within 3-5 years.  PJ is more than happy to help coach you and your team through this process.

11. Consider purchasing PJ's books.  Each of the books have been designed to be used in Sunday school classes, personal study, small group study, or to be used in one-on-one discipleship relationships.  You can learn more about his writings by picking the "Books" link to the left.  You can get his books in printed format, on Kindle, or narrated on Audible.  Links to each format are found by picking on the titles on the "Books" link to the left.


Jesus is working to build this new church in Cheektowaga.  We're inviting you to be part of the journey.  Thanks for praying about partnering with us!


Copyright 2016
James E. Bogoniewski, Jr.