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Holy Week - Wednesday

The Leaders of the Church Plot Against Him
Matthew 26:14-16, Mark 14:10-11, Luke 22:3-6

Jesus began predicting the time and events of His death.
Those involved with the Temple began to plot His death.
Luke adds the point that Satan entered Judas. 

Itís sad to think that we can be that close to Jesus for that amount of time and yet be used by Satan to accomplish His plans!

We can assume that Christ was continuing His ministry on this day.  While the Gospel writers werenít clear what was said or done on this day and we donít know if His ministry was private or public we know that Christ knew the day and the hour of his arrest and would not have wasted this time for ministry.

Today Iím again pondering the great responsibility we have as ministry leaders to ensure that weíre leading our ministries the way Christ would have us lead them.  The Pharisees and Chief Priests had developed  a pattern of thinking they were working for the Lord but in fact they were working for themselves.  To lead well and invest in the Kingdom of God we must continually assess our motives, fine-tune our ability to hear the Voice of the Lord, follow the will of the Father, and regularly debrief and respond with other spiritual mentors.


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