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Preparing For Guinea
February 27, 2012

A week from now Rachel and I will be flying across the Atlantic Ocean on our way to Paris, France -short stop there and we'll be in Conakry, Guinea, Africa. The Lord has answered many of our prayer requests as weíve been preparing for our trip. Today marks the day when weíve raised just about all of the required funds for our trip. Thanks to the Lord for His provision and for the many family members and friends who have already partnered with us on this trip; through prayer and giving. May you experience the Lordís blessing for your faithfulness to Him!

Partnerships are a different way for us to embrace world-wide missions. As we pray about developing a partnership with the local pastors of Guinea, who are working with this large unreached people group, we are asking for Him to speak clearly to us. What would that partnership look like? Only God knows! Thatís why weíre depending on Him to speak to us and give us a clear direction. The purpose of this trip is to meet the people there, to get a ďtasteĒ of the culture, and to seek His direction.

I can see how the Lord has prepared me for this stage of my life by building upon the foundation of His relationship with me that was started many years ago. Throughout my life many others have built on that foundation. Iíve learned how to hear from the Lord and test to ensure that what Iím hearing is from Him. As we move forward, weíre trusting that the Holy Spirit will speak to us and weíll be able to hear Him. We know that we can follow the Lordís leading with confidence: He never leads us astray. As we look to find the work Heís doing around us and plan to join Him in that work, we know that His blessing will follow. What will the Lordís blessing look like this time? Iím not exactly sure, but Iím pretty sure that it will involve a deeper understanding of Him and a deeper love for others.

You can join us on this trip by praying for us and for investing in the trip with your finances.  There isn't much more room for your financial investment (we're just about 100% funded) but any additional funds that come in will be used for the next trip.

We do still ask for your prayers.  There is Guinea mission trip information at the Athens Community Church website and we'll be updating the info for the trip as we're traveling as long as we have a viable internet connection.  If that connection doesn't exist while we're on the trip then we'll be updating the trip info as soon as we get back.

Let's go before the Lord together expecting Him to do a great work on this trip and through this trip!


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