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Mission: Possible - Living the Great Commission
Doing Our Part to Complete the Great Commission

"What is impossible with man is possible with God."
Jesus in Luke 18:27

"Missional Living" is a term coined by Karl Hartenstein in 1934.  Karl was a German missiologist who coined the term to describe a disciple of Jesus Christ who is actively living their life looking for opportunities to build into Christ's Kingdom through their everyday lives.  He argued that every Christian was called to complete the Great Commission - not just pastors and missionaries.

People who are living missionally are seeking Jesus, asking Him to show them His mission for each and every day of their lives.  They are people who leverage current relationships to engage in spiritual conversations to lead others to Christ, disciple them to become mature believers, and teach them to live their lives in missional ways.  They are people who are willing to start new relationships for the purpose of speaking the truth of Scripture into others' lives; hoping they too will become followers of Christ, develop into His disciples, and choose to live their lives in a missional way.


Mission: Possible - Living the Great Commission

Chapter List

Chapter One - Missional Living
Chapter Two - Hearing His Voice
Chapter Three - Seeking His Peace
Chapter Four - The Alliance is all About Missional Living
Chapter Five - The Reality of Hell
Chapter Six - Evangelism Techniques
Chapter Seven - It's all About Leverage
Chapter Eight - Becoming a Seed Sower
Chapter Nine - Open Doors
Chapter Ten - It's All About the Presence
Chapter Eleven - Six-Step Missional Living Plan
Chapter Twelve - Missional Living as a Church
Chapter Thirteen - Your Mission - If You Choose to Accept It


My prayer is that the Holy Spirit uses this book to challenge you to live your life on mission for Christ!

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